Used Bmx Bike Buyers Guide For Beginners

Published: 10th September 2008
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When you first enter the Bmx world you have many questions. They begin with what kind of bike should I buy? What brands are good and what aren't? What on earth is an integrated headset and do I need it? These questions aren't even the tip of the ice burg when it comes to beginners. This guide will help you out when deciding to buy a used Bmx bike.

The first choice you need to make when buying a used Bmx bike is what type of riding will you mainly do? A rider's bike who typically rides street is different than a rider's bike that typically rides street. Obviously you don't need a bike for each type of riding and any bike can go on any terrain. But if your only gonna ride dirt than there is no need to have pegs. Once you know what your main type of riding will be you can now begin looking at bikes. There are many things to consider when buying a used bike, but I feel these are the most important for beginners.


The frame is the most important part of buying a used bike. With a solid, reliable frame you can easily upgrade your parts rather than having to go out and drop a big chunk of change on a new one. The first thing you will want to consider about the frame is the top tube length. Make sure it is a length suitable to you the rider. Taller riders will want longer top tubes. Make sure it's of a reputable brand and is a newer model. Also check and see if its a stock frame. A stock frame is one that can be bought with a complete bike. For example: the Dk Four Pack is a complete bike. The frame it comes with would be considered a stock frame. Stock frames are not bad, but they are not the best out there. Frames that are not stock have more time put into them to make them the best they can be. Also check to see where the brake mounts are located or if it even has them. You may think that is silly, but some signature frames do not have brake mounts.


Wheels are also a very important piece of a used Bmx bike. You are going to want a solid pair of rims as a beginner. You will be trying new tricks and will not be very "smooth." And with your lack of skills and fluidity will quickly lead to bent rims and lots of frustration. Try and get a used Bmx bike with double wall rims or better. This will save you lots of money in the future. Also check to see what kind of hub the rims have. Try and get a bike that have wheels with a cassette hub. Although not necessary it is very beneficial. Cassette hubs are much smoother and allow you to have very small gear rations which are a huge plus! The last thing to check on wheels is the color. Yes this may seem dumb to you, but color does matter when it comes to Bmx wheels. Chrome rims have the absolute best braking surface, the pads easily grip to the chrome. With Black rims, as well as other colors, the pad has a tougher time slowing the rim due to the paint.


Forks are the last main thing to look at when it comes to purchasing a used Bmx bike. Like frames, forks are not something that you want to be stock. Stock forks quickly become bent forks. You will want a solid fork that is made by a good brand. As a beginner you will want the forks to have 14mm dropouts. When trying out new tricks like grinding you will be be bending dropouts and axles with the smaller 3/8 axle. The last thing to consider with forks are brake mounts. Most riders only ride with rear brakes, but some riders use front brakes. If your a rider who wants front brakes check to see if they have brake mounts.

These are the main things to consider when buying a used Bmx bike. There are other smaller factors as well. Check to see what on the bike has sealed bearings. Sealed bearings last much much longer and are much smoother. Also check to see if the bike comes with pegs if you will be doing a lot of street, park, or vert riding. Check to see if the bike has a gyro or not. Some riders like gyros so they can easily do advanced tricks like barspins and tailwhips. Gyros are not a necessity but are something you may want to look into.

Looking at all the above things will result in you buying a solid Bmx bike that suites your riding style. You won't have to go out and purchase a bunch of new parts if you use the advice given here. Hopefully this guide will help you in purchasing your first used Bmx bike!

Keith Nederhoed owns and operates Bmx Unlimited. They sell cheap bmx bikes as well as new and used bmx parts. Check them out.

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